30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Onglint is committed to providing you with jewelry of excellent quality, free of manufacturing defects, that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. For this reason, every piece of jewellery we craft undergoes rigorous quality control testing.

Onglint offers a free Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects on all gold, platinum, gold-plated, platinum-plated jewelry. This warranty covers manufacturers' material or workmanship problems, however it excludes abuse or neglect. You can send us a picture of your item if you think there is a manufacturing flaw. If we deem necessary, we may ask you to send your item for inspection. If we find that a manufacturing flaw caused your product to be damaged, we will either fix the problem or, if necessary, replace the damaged product. Onglint will replace the item with a comparable item if it is no longer available.

If we find that the damage is not the result of a manufacturing defect, we will let you know and let you know whether or not repair services are offered at no cost.

Please be aware that each piece is unique and different due to tiny imperfections and variances in craftsmanship, natural traits, or internal inclusions, whether apparent or not, in colored gemstones. These qualities shouldn't be viewed as flaws because they are believed to be a part of the item's characteristics.


Ring cleaning and inspection.


We advise having your ring cleaned and inspected regularly. Inspections could help your jewelry last longer and prevent the loss of a stone. Use only mild soap, water, and a soft cloth to clean your jewelry. If soap and water are insufficient, you can also use cleaning solutions from Onglint, although these shouldn't be used frequently. If you clean your jewelry with any chemicals other than those you purchased from Onglint, the warranty will be null and invalid.


Limitations and Conditions


Your Manufacturer Warranty will be voided if repair, sizing, or any other service is carried out by a party other than Onglint.

Fine jewelry can be damaged by everyday wear, activity, or trauma. This is especially true for rings because hands frequently endure severe trauma. We do not offer warranties for harm brought on by normal use, lost or stolen goods, or loss of stones. Also excluded from coverage are damages or losses brought on by a failure to obtain repairs required to preserve the product's integrity.


The following are a few instances of typical jewelry problems that are not manufacture defects:

  • Discoloration brought on by contact with chemicals, cosmetics, hot tubs, or swimming pools.
  • As precious metals and prongs wear naturally over time, "building up" or restoration work may be necessary.
  • Due to normal wear or other damage, the prongs may be bent, caught, or worn out, which will cause a stone to fall out or be lost.
  • Stones that have been lost or that have fallen out as a result of regular wear-and-tear damage or chipping or shattering.
  •  Misshaped rings from heavy lifting, impact, or years of wear.
  • Bent or smashed jewelry, including broken or scratched stones.